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Who will win the championship in the regular league?

The regular season of 2018-2019 has 12 days to end. The men's team, which has decided to advance to the postseason earlier than the women's team, is in a fierce battle over its next goal of winning the regular league title. Korean Air and Hyundai Capital are heating up their regular league winning races while U.K. Card Co. has been away for three consecutive years due to Agamez's injury.

Korean Air, which has a strong backup player and long-term race essentials, remained firmly at the forefront despite injuries from Jeong Ji-seok and Jin Seong-tae. Korean Air filled the two vacancies with Kim Hak-min and Jin Sang-hun. First, it was Jin Sang-heon who showed his presence. Jin Sang-hun started the game as a starter in the second set of Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance on Sunday, scoring 11 points (4 points for blocking and 87.5 percent for offense) to show off his fantasy with Han. Korean Air posted 19 points in blocking alone, the most blocking points in one game this season.

Kim Hak-min always shows up when Jung Ji-seok and Kwak Seung-seok are shaken and helps. In the game against KB Insurance on Sunday, Kim Hak-min stepped out after Jung Ji-seok scored 6 points and the attack efficiency was -7.14 percent. Kim Hak-min, who played as a substitute in the second and third sets and as a starter in the fourth set, scored 10 points (69.23 percent) and gave Korean Air three points. "Kim Hak-min is a great player who always works hard. You can do your share at any time. Having such a player is a great strength for the team," Kim said. "I highly appreciated his presence."

Baek Kwang-hyun, who was waiting to be released from the warm-up zone early in the season, stood by the back door of Korean Air with the first River route as Jung Sung-min left his seat in the middle of the season due to a back injury. The game against KB Insurance on the 25th was a game where Baek can be seen as a starting kickback. On that day, Baek Kwang-hyun blocked Felipe's strong spikes all over his body, creating an opportunity to fight back. Although Richev was somewhat shaken, he scored a perfect score with 4.25 pieces per set.

◎2.28 (titles)~3.5 (hua): vs. Korea Electric Power Co. (Suwon)

Of the five face-to-face matches against Korea Electric Power this season, Korean Air has played a full set three times. In the last five rounds, he could not finish the game even after winning two sets first, and barely survived the crisis after going to the Deuce in the fifth set. The game was broken by replacing half of the main players as they were leading the team in the middle of the second set. In order for Korean Air to secure its championship title in the regular league as soon as possible, it needs to maintain its focus until the end and secure at least one more point.

The secret of Hyundai Capital's second consecutive win can be explained in three letters, 'Shin Young-seok.' Shin, who emptied his left calf muscle at KB Insurance on July 13, announced his return from the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) on Tuesday. Hyundai Capital, which had been in a inferior position until the middle of the first set, changed its atmosphere by 180 degrees with Shin Young-seok's input. Although Shin played as a substitute for the first and second sets on the day, Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong summed up the Korean Electric Power Station with a single word: Shin Young-seok is back.

Shin increased his playing time at the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance game on Sunday. He started as a substitute for the first and third sets and as a starter for the second and fourth sets. In the second and fourth sets, Shin Young-seok started, Hyundai Capital won the set by a large margin of 25-16 points. On the same day, Shin scored 10 points including three blocking points and one sub, demonstrating his sense of existence that he cannot hide from Hyundai Capital.

Hyundai Capital has shown itself as a true "Avengers" at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. It outstripped Samsung Fire by 15-3 and 11-2 blocking. For the first time in the V-League, Padar and Jeon Gwang-in both achieved triple crown. Padar, who had faltered in the fourth and fifth rounds, regained his normal orbit in the sixth round, while Jeon had a 61.11 percent attack rate in the third round of the sixth round. Having joined Shin Young-seok, there is only one thing left to regain the lead.

◎2.28 (title)~3.5 (hua): vs OK Savings Bank (Cheonan) on the 1st, vs KB Insurance on the 4th (Uijeongbu)

This season, Hyundai Capital has never lost a single game against OK Savings Bank. There have also been three shutout sweeps. Hyundai Capital is ahead of its opponent team's offense success rate (Hyundai Capital 50.8 percent, OK Savings Bank 43.3 percent), <a href="">실시간야동</a>
as well as its passive efficiency (Hyundai Capital 37.99 percent and OK Savings Bank 27.47 percent).

KB Insurance is waiting right after the game against OK Savings Bank. Since the two teams played tough clubs in the last five rounds, fierce serve battles are expected in the sixth round. The battle over who can serve as well as who can serve is also expected to be the watch point of the game.
Lee and Lieberman Agamez (34) are the first to think of anyone who gave our card its first spring volleyball. Despite his age as a volleyball player, Agamez instantly elevated his Korean card to a strong team with RBIs, power and speed that matched the expression "World Class."

But what Agameth wants is neither a strong team nor a first-time playoff. The title of the V-League champion, that's why Agamez is back in Korea.<a href="">야설</a>

Although he left the court for a while due to a ruptured left internal abdominal muscles of 2 to 3 centimeters at the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) on the 16th, he is committed to rehabilitation so that he can return to Korea.

The reason for my return to Korea is because I won't make it four years ago.

The reason why Agamez himself announced for his return to Korea is very simple. It's just a win. "I didn't intend to apply for a tryout from the beginning," he said. The reason why I wanted to come to Korea was because I had a dream that I had never achieved before. It didn't matter which team. I came back to fulfill my dream.

Agamez first entered the V-League wearing Hyundai Capital's uniform during the 2013-2014 season, before the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) imposed a three-out system that set a ceiling on foreign players' salary. At that time, Hyundai Capital finished second in the regular league and went through the playoffs to win the championship, but fell on its knees to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which was led by Leo (Kuba). Even in the 2014-2015 season, Hyundai Capital once again made its way to the championship, but due to injury, it had to leave the team in the middle of the second round.

By the time the name "agamaze" was gradually forgotten in the V-League, Agamez had a challenge for the V-League three years after the Tri-Out System was implemented in the men's division.

Everyone was surprised when the news came out that Agameth had applied for a tryout. Since leaving Hyundai Capital, he has played in the European leagues such as Turkey, Greece and Portugal, and has won several championships. As he always played in his heyday, his love call for Agamez continued everywhere. Nevertheless, his eyes turned to Korea.

Agamez, who has experienced both free contracts and triouts, was very positive about the trip-out system. During the free-for-all period, there were world-class players such as Leo, Sanchez (Cuba), and Edgar (Australia), making it much harder to play in the league. Foreign players who were selected through the tri-out think that they have more opportunities for Korean players as their skills have been leveled rather than weakened. I think it's a good system."

He asked possible questions because he had experienced V-League during his free time. Which foreign player was the hardest to deal with? Agamez's answer was Leo, a foreign player of Samsung Fire, who dominated the V-League for three seasons from 2012 to 2015. The 2013-2014 season when Agamez faced Leo. Leo played in 29 games and scored 1,084 points (27.38 points per game, 58.57 percent) to win the regular league and the MVP of the championship series. "Cuba players such as Leo and Sanchez (former Korean Air) are always tricky," Agamez said.

The most difficult Korean player to deal with was Seo Jae-deok, who plays the role of a foreign player in the KEPCO this season. "The left-handed apogee spiker is extremely difficult to predict the attack course. "It is hard to stop him because he is left-handed and has good jumps and fast jumps," Seo said.
There have been many changes to the V-League, as well as the Agamez, in the four years that Agamez was away from Korea. I have gained more experience, and I have a child through marriage. "Four years ago, there was also a lazy look," Agamez said. At that time, I feel sorry for myself. "I wanted to come back to Korea and play volleyball professionally, but now I'm with my family and I'm doing my best to win every game with a goal that I couldn't achieve four years ago."

Even at 34 and not a few years old, Agamez is playing the V-League, showing off her rustic skills compared to four years ago. With 873 points in 31 games, it is far behind Yosbanei (32, 835 points), ranking first in the scoring category.

Regarding Agamez, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance manager Shin Jin-sik said, "I used to be strong, but now I think I have a knack for it and a broad vision for it. "I think the net is too low for Agamez," said Choi Tae-woong, manager of Hyundai Capital. "The defender showed such destructive power that even if he received the ball, he would be thrown away."

With Agamez's performance, Woori Card finished fifth in the fifth round and has decided to advance to the first playoffs.

It wasn't a smooth start. Our card has started this season with a four-game losing streak. "It was the first time I started this season as hard as I did in my career," Agamez said. However, Woori Card recruited Noh Jae-wook, the new starting pitcher, through the trade, and Lee Sang-wook, a fast-growing player with a second-year kickback, began to regain stability. "Our team is getting better and better. He has climbed to the third place without realizing it. It could be better in the future," I could see from Agamez's eyes a firm resolution.
Agamez is a foreign player, but she has an unusual role as assistant manager. Shin Young-chul wanted to cheer up the players. Agamez described Shin Young-chul as a "fatherlike creature."

Agamez's belief in Shin was also confirmed in several interviews with the trainees. On December 21 last year, Agamez said, "I have met so many leaders so far, but Shin Young-chul is one of the three people I respect the most," and added, "To be a good director, I must be a good person." That's what director Shin Young-chul said. He makes me feel comfortable.

Agamez said, "The director is open-minded when dealing with all the players, not just me. If you are ill, you can talk at any time and ask for anything you need. Not all directors have it. Director Shin told me that he is like a father.

The strong trust between Agamez and Shin Young-chul began with Agamese's steady state. "Since I first came to the team, I've shown that I'm doing 100 percent of my training," he said. It's a very important part of the director. "If I didn't do it properly during the training session, I would have been kicked out of the country already," he recalled. "The coach says that he can grow into a good player through training and play a good game."

Shin Yeong-cheol, or as much as you like director Shin Yeong-cheol's agamejeu like agamejeu "I met the best foreign player in my coaching career," Shin said in September last year ahead of the first game of the men's professional volleyball tournament at the Jeju and KAL Cup.

In response to director Shin Young-chul`s rave reviews, Agamez said, I didn`t know that the director said so. "I'm just thankful," he said. "The agent I was with when I was chosen as Woori Card in the Tri-Out is the best director in Korea." I could see why he said so when we did it in person. I found out that the coach is a person who comes straight to the players. It's really nice to meet such a coach as a player."
With the men and women's teams playing for the postseason in professional volleyball, attention is focusing on the fate of the coaches who failed to play the "Spring Volleyball."

In the men's division, Korean Air (68 points), Hyundai Capital (65 points) and Woori Card (60 points) advanced to the postseason after Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (Samsung Fire & Marine Engineering) decided to fail to advance to the semi-playoffs due to its defeat in the Hyundai Capital on Wednesday.

While Korean Air is most likely to top the regular league title, Hyundai Capital and Woori Card are also determined to make all-out efforts in the remaining three games.

Unlike the teams that are competing for the top spot in the regular season, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance coach Shin Shin-sik and KB Insurance coach Kwon Soon-chan, whose contract ends at the end of this season, cannot guarantee a new contract.

Manager Shin Jin-sik took the lead in April 2017 when Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance failed to play volleyball in the spring at fourth place, leading the team to second place in the regular league in the 2017-2018 season.

At that time, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance lost to Korean Air, the third-ranked player in the regular league, with one win and two losses, failing to advance to the championship.

The 2018-2019 season at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co. was even worse.

The team failed to regain the pride of its traditional name and failed to play volleyball in spring in two years, and even threatened to take fourth place in the fifth-ranked OK Savings Bank.

Shin Jin-sik, a former star player who used to be called the "brown bomber" when he was a player, made his first win in nine years in the cup competition ahead of the season, but failed to get the record he had expected in the regular league.

Shin Jin-sik, who will end his two-year contract period in April, is expected to decide whether to extend or replace the contract according to the team's "choice."

Manager Kwon Soon-chan of KB Insurance, who was placed sixth out of seven teams, said, "The contract period ends in April, but the team has been leading the team's upward trend since the fifth round, leaving the team open the possibility of extending the contract.

On the other hand, manager Kim Se-jin of OK Savings Bank, who is ranked fifth, said, "Since there are still contracts until April next year, chances are high that he will seek to make a comeback next season.

Korean Air coach Park Ki-won has been re-submitted until June next year, while Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong and Woori Card coach Shin Young-chul are contracted in April 2021 and April 2020, respectively.

Women's team coaches are not much different.

Director Park Mi-hee of Heungkuk Life Insurance, who has reserved the first place in the regular league, and Kim Jong-min of Korea Highway Corporation, who is the second, have made good results and have a lot of contract time left, making it relatively easy to relax.

On the other hand, Lee Do-hee,<a href="">성인만화</a>
 manager of Hyundai Engineering & Construction, who failed to secure the right to advance to the playoffs, will end his two-year contract with the end of this season.
Manager Cha Sang-hyun of GS Caltex, who is scheduled to be in the third place until April this year, said, "The contract extension could be turned red if the team is overtaken by IBK Bank, which is ranked fourth, and the "spring volleyball" is frustrated.

Seo Nam-won, the manager of KGC Insam Corporation, who has suffered 17 consecutive losses, has been contracted until March of next year, but if the company repeats its biggest winning streak (20 consecutive losses) recorded in the 2013-2014 season, it is unlikely that the remaining contract period will be guaranteed.
The Korea Highway Corporation and the KGC will have their last showdown of the season at the Kimcheon Indoor Stadium on Sunday.

Currently, the Korea Highway Corporation ranks second with 17 wins, 9 losses and 48 points. He has recently won five consecutive victories, raising the mood. Defending champion's prestige appears at the end of the season, while KGC is at the bottom with five wins, 22 losses and 18 points. He is struggling to get out of the tunnel after losing 17 games in a row.

In the recent winning streak, the Korea Highway Corporation beat out the top three teams - Heungkuk Life Insurance, GS Caltex and IBK - all of them - by shutting out. Thanks to his three-game winning streak, he was ranked fourth in the team's ranking. Now, we are going to continue to remember winning last season.

The Korea Highway Corporation has replaced foreign player Patu, who is melting into the team, and Park Jung-ah is hitting hard, forming a one-to-two punch. In particular, Park's performance as a target is the strength to support the team. Jung Dae-young and Bae Yoo-na are active in the center, and Moon Jung-won is playing Altoran, contributing to the team's victory. It is also an honor roll. Setter Lee Hyo-hee, the commander of the field, boasts his official records and supports Lee Won-jeong.

KGC`s three-man team members are trying their best to break the prolonged series of defeats. Alena is back on track after the injury, and Choi's performance is also good. Along with Han Soo-ji, Park Eun-jin, a rookie, will perform at the center. Park was substituted for last game due to injury. Riviero Oh is full of fighting. Setter, along with Lee Jae-eun, has recently seen Ha Hyo-rim play more frequently.

In this season's showdown between the two teams, the Korea Highway Corporation is leading with four wins and one In the first round alone, the KGC trio won, and then the road corporation won the match.

The latest round of five-round confrontation took place on Saturday. It was an opportunity for the KGC to break its losing streak. In the middle of the fifth set, however, he fell behind in the skilled work of the highway corporation. <a href="">한국야동</a>

Today's game is important for both teams. The Korea Highway Corporation has not yet decided to advance to the playoffs. They are trying to continue their upward momentum by continuing their winning streak. The KGC is the most urgent task of escaping consecutive losses. After finishing the first round with four wins and one loss in the lead due to poor Alena injury twice this season, the team needs to win the best of the season.

Although the two teams are in a very different situation, the court seems to be more enthusiastic than ever. Broadcasts are broadcast through SBS Sports and Naver Sports. Whether it will be a series of wins and losses, or a new phase, will be decided.
Left Jeon Gwang-in (28) of Hyundai Capital, the V-League Avengers, has won her first triple crown.

In fact, there are many rumors of surprise. "I thought I played as the mainstay of the Korean Electric Power Company and played as a triple crown," the main point is. However, the triple crown (three blocks, three sub-eyes, and four back-attack) that was achieved in the sixth round of the men's tournament in the 2018-2019 season against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co. was the first individual. Unfortunately, he missed the Triple Crown every season due to a lack of blocking and one sub

In response, Jeon said, "I'm embarrassed." He said, "I've never done it before, and I knew I couldn't do it So I didn't even care. But (Moon) Sung Min told me that he has one block left to the Triple Crown. "I pulled all my strength and blocked the last one," he<a href="">무료야동</a>

Jeon was listed on the Triple Crown list by blocking attacks by Samsung Fire &amp;amp; Left &amp; Kim Na-un under the four-set 24--16 match point situation.

Shin, who exploded his "crazy presence" despite occasional injections, envied Jeon's first triple crown. Shin, who showed a bright smile, said, "There are restrictions on the center position, but I usually call the center rifles and wing strikers a cannon, but there is no jealousy because the cannons make great efforts. Above all, two members of a team feel proud of having a triple crown. I feel satisfied as a colleague.

Jeon is paying a high price for moving his nest to free agent (FA) this season. In particular, when Shin Young-seok and Moon Seong-min, the "national security center," were out of the field due to injuries, they also showed off their starting skills in defense as well as team attacks. "I was able to overcome it because my colleagues did my part more than I did when my brothers were out," Jeon said.

Jeon Gwang-in came to Hyundai Capital to taste the championship. So he was greedy. I was under a lot of stress. "I've been greedy since the fifth round. I was stressed out because I didn't have my way. After losing to Korean Air in the sixth round, he changed his mind. Rather than being strangled to one game and under stress, we should do our best in every game and accept any outcome." That way, we won't have any regrets or regrets."

He took the lead in the regular league and dropped to second place at the last minute, but he is on the verge of winning again. Hyundai Capital (ranked 65 points) followed Korean Air, the lone Korean national team, by three points. Fate is split in the remaining three games. "I'm trying my best to help the team," Jun said. "It feels like a team and I'm win-win to play in the game."
"President Volleyball" Shin Young-seok (33, Hyundai Capital) also played as a troubleshooter in his second game after returning from injury.

Shin Young-seok played a complete set against <a href="">어덜비</a>
Samsung Fire on the 26th, but only two sets needed to be reversed. Nevertheless, the existence of the movie was different. He scored 10 points including three blockings and one sub-ace, leading the team to a 3-1 come-from-behind victory.

Shin said, "I'm 80 percent physically fit. I was in and out of the game because I didn't feel good. "I was happy because I could help the team win

Choetaeung, Hyundai Capital coach was forced to set up a thumb for Shin Young Suk change the game's flow and the atmosphere. With Young-seok, the pressure of our opponents and the confidence of our players can explode. It was a game where you can feel Young-seok's presence."

Jeon Kwang-In, who achieved his first triple crown in his life, also joined the praise group. I talk to Young-seok the most during the game. It is reassuring that there is a player who can talk and listen. Feel easy."

For Shin, the championship game last season is a big pain. Although the first round won, he had to settle for a bitter runner-up as he lost the second or fourth game. At that time, many injured people including Shin Young-seok, Setter No Jae-wook (Ukard), and Moon Sung-min (Moon Sung-min) collapsed helplessly. Shin Young-seok said, "I can't because Setter Jae-wook is sick." So this time, I want to help Setter (Lee) relax. "I need to attract Seung-won," he said. "He is also getting to know my style." It will be better before the championship match.

On next month, Shin will have a place to lean on. Center Choi Min-ho will be discharged from the military. Shin said, Min Ho is confident. Min-ho was a player who could rely on him when he won the championship. There was a reliance on each other on the same line as the junior. "I'm looking forward to it," he
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