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Who will win the championship in the regular league?

The regular season of 2018-2019 has 12 days to end. The men's team, which has decided to advance to the postseason earlier than the women's team, is in a fierce battle over its next goal of winning the regular league title. Korean Air and Hyundai Capital are heating up their regular league winning races while U.K. Card Co. has been away for three consecutive years due to Agamez's injury.

Korean Air, which has a strong backup player and long-term race essentials, remained firmly at the forefront despite injuries from Jeong Ji-seok and Jin Seong-tae. Korean Air filled the two vacancies with Kim Hak-min and Jin Sang-hun. First, it was Jin Sang-heon who showed his presence. Jin Sang-hun started the game as a starter in the second set of Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance on Sunday, scoring 11 points (4 points for blocking and 87.5 percent for offense) to show off his fantasy with Han. Korean Air posted 19 points in blocking alone, the most blocking points in one game this season.

Kim Hak-min always shows up when Jung Ji-seok and Kwak Seung-seok are shaken and helps. In the game against KB Insurance on Sunday, Kim Hak-min stepped out after Jung Ji-seok scored 6 points and the attack efficiency was -7.14 percent. Kim Hak-min, who played as a substitute in the second and third sets and as a starter in the fourth set, scored 10 points (69.23 percent) and gave Korean Air three points. "Kim Hak-min is a great player who always works hard. You can do your share at any time. Having such a player is a great strength for the team," Kim said. "I highly appreciated his presence."

Baek Kwang-hyun, who was waiting to be released from the warm-up zone early in the season, stood by the back door of Korean Air with the first River route as Jung Sung-min left his seat in the middle of the season due to a back injury. The game against KB Insurance on the 25th was a game where Baek can be seen as a starting kickback. On that day, Baek Kwang-hyun blocked Felipe's strong spikes all over his body, creating an opportunity to fight back. Although Richev was somewhat shaken, he scored a perfect score with 4.25 pieces per set.

◎2.28 (titles)~3.5 (hua): vs. Korea Electric Power Co. (Suwon)

Of the five face-to-face matches against Korea Electric Power this season, Korean Air has played a full set three times. In the last five rounds, he could not finish the game even after winning two sets first, and barely survived the crisis after going to the Deuce in the fifth set. The game was broken by replacing half of the main players as they were leading the team in the middle of the second set. In order for Korean Air to secure its championship title in the regular league as soon as possible, it needs to maintain its focus until the end and secure at least one more point.

The secret of Hyundai Capital's second consecutive win can be explained in three letters, 'Shin Young-seok.' Shin, who emptied his left calf muscle at KB Insurance on July 13, announced his return from the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) on Tuesday. Hyundai Capital, which had been in a inferior position until the middle of the first set, changed its atmosphere by 180 degrees with Shin Young-seok's input. Although Shin played as a substitute for the first and second sets on the day, Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong summed up the Korean Electric Power Station with a single word: Shin Young-seok is back.

Shin increased his playing time at the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance game on Sunday. He started as a substitute for the first and third sets and as a starter for the second and fourth sets. In the second and fourth sets, Shin Young-seok started, Hyundai Capital won the set by a large margin of 25-16 points. On the same day, Shin scored 10 points including three blocking points and one sub, demonstrating his sense of existence that he cannot hide from Hyundai Capital.

Hyundai Capital has shown itself as a true "Avengers" at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. It outstripped Samsung Fire by 15-3 and 11-2 blocking. For the first time in the V-League, Padar and Jeon Gwang-in both achieved triple crown. Padar, who had faltered in the fourth and fifth rounds, regained his normal orbit in the sixth round, while Jeon had a 61.11 percent attack rate in the third round of the sixth round. Having joined Shin Young-seok, there is only one thing left to regain the lead.

◎2.28 (title)~3.5 (hua): vs OK Savings Bank (Cheonan) on the 1st, vs KB Insurance on the 4th (Uijeongbu)

This season, Hyundai Capital has never lost a single game against OK Savings Bank. There have also been three shutout sweeps. Hyundai Capital is ahead of its opponent team's offense success rate (Hyundai Capital 50.8 percent, OK Savings Bank 43.3 percent), <a href="">실시간야동</a>
as well as its passive efficiency (Hyundai Capital 37.99 percent and OK Savings Bank 27.47 percent).

KB Insurance is waiting right after the game against OK Savings Bank. Since the two teams played tough clubs in the last five rounds, fierce serve battles are expected in the sixth round. The battle over who can serve as well as who can serve is also expected to be the watch point of the game.